BOX Micro SD Card Reader

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BOX Micro SD Card Reader

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BOX Micro SD Card Reader

The Micro SD Card reader from BOX Products lets you easily transfer photos or videos through the USB Type C port to your new MacBook, or create a minimalist external storage. The reader just needs to connect and you can get started without having to install the drivers.

Thanks to its compact size, the reader takes the very minimal space in your bag so you can keep it with you at all times. And it is with a card that will be secured inside by a closing system. The cover of the reader is made of a single piece of anodised aluminium, the overall robust design ensures long-term functionality and reliability.

External Micro SD card reader designed for USB Type C port
Locking system suitable for long-term installation of Micro SD cards
Functional immediately after connection
Compatible with TF cards
Compatible with Mac OS, Chrome OS, Windows 10
Transmission speed up to 5 Gbps
Ideal for everyday travel
Quality reliable design
Cover from a single piece of anodised aluminium

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