Ryze Tello Drone – Powered by DJI

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Ryze Tello Drone – Powered by DJI

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Ryze Tello Drone – Powered by DJI

Designed for fun! The Tello drone is refreshingly simple and unlike any other micro drone you’ve seen before. It’s easily controlled from your smartphone and packed full of tech from Intel to help beginner pilots and kids into the air, everyone can fly with confidence.

This nifty drone neatly fits into the palm of your hand and weighs in at just 80 grams. It’s scrapped any cumbersome landing gear and instead uses the bottom of its rotor arms as feet, resulting in a more compact air frame that’s perfect for flying indoors and out, when the weather’s cooperating of course. From the palm of your hand simply toss this micro drone into the air to get started or just tap your smartphone.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a drone this dinky can soar the skies for up to 13 minutes. Giving you plenty of time to explore your surroundings and pull off some awesome mid-air tricks with a simple slide of your finger on the screen. There’s also some flight modes to test out too, making it easier for beginners to capture professional like footage. Shoot a quick 360° video, film in a circular pattern and also shoot whilst the drone flies away and upward from you in one smooth motion. The 720p camera with electronic image stabilisation captures quality footage every flight.

That’s not all, once you’ve got to grips with the Tello the next step is programming your own flight pattern. Plot your aerial manoeuvres with the included coding tool Scratch, a visual coding system developed by MIT, that enables you to learn the basics of programming. More advanced users can also develop software applications for the drone. You’ll never get bored with the Tello drone.

Essential info

  • Flight time: 13 min
  • Speed: 8 m/s
  • Body dimensions: 98 x 92.5 x 41 mm
  • Propellers: 3 inch
  • Weight: 80g
  • Camera: 720p
  • Video transmission range: 100m

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Tello drone
  • 4x Pairs of propellers
  • 1x Pair of propeller guards
  • 3x Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charging Hub
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Propeller Removal Tool

More info

  • Easily control the drone with your smartphone and Tello app
  • Perform 8 different flips and fly up and down from your hand in bounce mode
  • Take off or land with a single tap or simply toss the Tello into the air
  • Failsafe protection enables a safe landing even if you lose control
  • Vision positioning system enables precise hovering
  • Shoot 5mp photos and short videos with the 720p camera
  • EZ shots camera mode enables you to record whilst flying in a circle, 360° and up and away
  • Electronic image stabilisation lets you capture quality footage
  • Industry leading components ensure stable flights
  • 2 Antennas make video transmission extra stable
  • Collision detection and propeller protection for a safer flight
  • Alerts you when the battery is low – micro USB charging port
  • Intel processor – professional processing yields high quality footage
  • No SD card required
  • Safe to fly indoors and outdoors – avoid windy and wet conditions when outdoors
  • Compatible with VR headset (not included) for a breath taking view
  • Scratch programming – an MIT developed coding system – learn the basics of programming
  • Advanced users can develop software applications for Tello using the Tello SDK
  • Format: JPG(Photo); MP4(Video)
  • Video: HD720P30
  • Photo: 5MP (2592×1936)


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