EMAX Simon Series 12A ESC

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EMAX Simon Series 12A ESC For Multirotor

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EMAX Simon Series 12A ESC For Multirotor

These ESCs have been designed and optimised for multirotor applications. They represent a massive step forward in off-the-shelf ESC design.

They incorporate a SiLabs processor running BLHeli firmware. This firmware is based on the original SimonK firmware upgraded to incorporate several improvements and additional features such as higher update rates which give much quicker linear throttle response when compared to regular non-multi-rotor ESCs.

* Based on SimonK firmware further optimised to give perfect performance.
* Can be flashed with BL Heli firmware
* Quick linear throttle response
* Includes low voltage protection, over heat protection, and self-check functions
* Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, helping eliminate magnetic interference
* Fully programmable by programming card or directly from your transmitter
* Customisable throttle range
* Built in linear BEC

Programmable parameters:

1. Brake Type: -There are 6 options: OFF, Low. Mid-Low, Middle, Mid-High, High.
The default is OFF. (Note: This parameter is invalid in boat ESCs and 4in1 ESCs
because there is no brake function in these two types of ESC).

2. Timing Mode – There are 5 options: Low 0°, Mid-Low 8°, Middle 15°, Mid-High
23°, High 30°. The default is Middle l5°.

3. Start Force – There are I3 options: 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.09, 0.13, 0.19, 0.25, 0.38,
0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50. The default is 0.75

4. Curve Mode – There are 4 options: OFF, Low, Middle and High. The default is

5. Control Frequency – There are 2 options: 8KHz and 22KHz. The default is 8KHz.

6. Low-voltage Protection – There are 4 option: 2.8V/cell, 3.0V/cell, 3.2V/cell and
OFF. The default is 3.0V/cell.

7. Cut-Off Mode: There are two options: Soft-Cut and Cut-Off. The default is
Soft-Cut. (Note: This parameter is invalid in boat ESCs because there is no Cut-off function in this type of ESC).


Series  Simon
Model  12A
Application  Multi-rotor
Constant current  12A
Burst current  15A
BEC Mode  Linear
BEC Output  5V/1A
Battery Cell Count LiPo  2-3S
Weight  9g
Length (mm)  25
Width (mm)  20
Height (mm)  7

NOTE: This ESC does not have a reverse function.

Full instructions are supplied with this ESC

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